Welcome to Martin Wedding Films. We are Chris and Jennifer, and we are absolutely captivated by wedding films. Just so you know how "old" we are, we got married in 1999...yes, back when VHS was king, and wedding video footage was blurry and shaky.

Every time we film a wedding, we are taken back to that day when we stood together and said, "I will." We feel so blessed and honored that we have the opportunity to play a small part in an exciting chapter of our couple's lives. 

We thoroughly enjoy capturing the little moments just as much as the big, exhilarating ones on a wedding day. The laughter of bridesmaids as they get their make-up and hair fixed just right. A bride glancing back over her shoulder as Mom zips up her dress. The tears that trickle down a groom's face when he reads the letter from his soulmate.

These are moments we can capture for you to preserve for all of time. Cherished memories you can share with your loved ones for years to come. 

We love walking on the beach in Destin, FL in January. We love The Office, Friends, Suits, and Stranger Things. We love to travel and see new places. And we love hearing the journey of how you found each other and fell in love.

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how it started

Chris had been filming nature scenes for quite some time when an opportunity to edit wedding films came along. After completing several projects, he understood how important the captured moments were to the couples. Jennifer offered the idea that they should start filming weddings themselves, so that's what they did. Chris filmed the first three solo, then once she learned the camera, Jennifer jumped in. Now they film side by side and love every moment of it.